To become a member of NABS – DO THE FOLLOWING:

  1. Ride a bike or like people who ride bikes or just like two wheeled things in general.
  2. Fill out a membership form with your deets…
    1. Get one at Shon’s Bike & Ski Shop in down town Nakusp – 409 Broadway St
    2. Download and print off our website by clicking —> NABS Membership Form 2017
      1. Drop off the completed form at Shon’s Bike & Ski
  3. Pay the membership fee of $15.00 per individual or $25.00 per family
  4. Tell other people about NABS and invite them to become a member too
  5. Continue being an awesome bike life supporter!

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As we develop the groundwork for NABS, members will get exclusive access to parts of our website and our facebook group to be in-the-know about trails, riding conditions and other TBA perks. Your membership fee goes directly to helping NABS get the ball rolling on new projects, purchase of tools and future bike events and activities!