About Us

The purposes of NABS is:

  1. To promote, encourage and increase opportunities for non-motorized bicycling of all forms including, but not limited to, Mountain Biking, Road Biking, BMX, Bicycle Touring, and Bicycle Commuting for all ages and abilities both competitive and recreational.
  2. To maintain and develop a network of trails and other infrastructure whose primary use will be intended for bicycling, inclusive for all ages and abilities and to encourage use by both locals and visitors promoting physical activity and tourism in our region.
  3. To encourage environmental stewardship through the development and execution of a management plan in conjunction with pursuance in obtaining a Crown Land Tenure for recreational use of surrounding natural resources.
  4. To foster community involvement and education through assisting the local/regional community and its stakeholders in producing special events such as, but not limited to, school bicycling programs, bicycling clinics and bicycling shows.
  5. To provide similar and related services and support to the bicycling community as a whole as determined by the membership.

Mission Statement: Our goals are to improve and promote cycling in Nakusp and the Arrow Lakes region by developing cycling trails and infrastructure, organizing events and programs, building the cycling community, and advocating and educating in support of cycling in and around Nakusp.